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Henna Mehndi Designs

Whether it is a wedding, any ceremony or any function in India, as sweets are gifted to one another, there is one thing that Indian women always do or we can say women in India always do. It is about drawing mehndi on their hands. Henna Mehndi designs are more popular these days. Some who are more fashionistas type draw on their feet too. Mehandi is for every occasion in India, especially in weddings and its ceremonies. It is considered auspicious in both Hindu and Islamic culture. Though these days every bride prefer painting their hands and feet with mehandi.
According to some Hindu traditions, tales and folklore, when a bride’s mehndi goes darker, after drawing it, it means, it is said, that her going-to-be husband loves her more and she will also be loved by her in-laws. There are many different kinds of reasons and significances in history and ancient texts about mehandi that why it is drawn on hands and feet during a wedding, mehndibut no certainty in them, not any fixed one. But whatever it is, we don’t go into it now; while we present for you various types of Henna Mehndi designs that you can try on your wedding whether on feet or hands, your choice. And even you can suggest to your friends also.

Henna Mehndi Design
person's right mehndi tattoo

black-ink floral arm tattoo
black mhendi tattoo close-up photography
person with brown mehndi tattoo holding white rose flowers

Latest Mehndi Design

black hand mehndi tattoos


woman in red and gold floral hijab
flowers hand tattoo


left human hand with henna
person with white and red floral hand tattoo


black Mendhi tattoo

henna tattoo
white and blue floral textile

person showing hand tattoos

red flower petals surrounded by hands with mhendi tattoos

left person's hand with tattoo

black tattoo

black mehndi tattoo

black henna covered left hand

black flower hand tattoo

person showing arm tattoo

mehndi tattoo

menhdi tattoo

person with black and red tribal tattoo on left hand

black mhendi tattoo

person with black and white tattoo on hand

person wearing silver-colored ring

mendhi tattoo on woman's hand

black Mehndi art

black mehndi tattoo

person in floral mehendhi tattooNew Henna Mehndi Designs 2021

Page Contents

black floral hand tattoo art

black mehndi tatoo

flower hand tattoo

person's blue petaled flower tattoo

person with black and red flower tattoo on right hand

black floral mendhi tattoo

woman in black suit

person's mandala tattoo

person's petaled flower tattoo

person's purple petaled flower tattoo

hand mehndi

mendhi tattoo

black mehndi tatoo

person with black and brown hand tattoo

person in black floral mendhi tattoo

Henna Mehndi Designs 2021
black floral hand tattoo art


black mendhi tattoo


person with red and white floral nail art

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